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How to Read a Tarot Card (Product 4)

This is Product 4. It’s a simple card: a well-run loading dock, two parties finding agreement.

In different contexts, however, different things stand out. It has a bland look, undecorated, even dreary, but clean and well run. The people dress professionally but not in a showy manner. This is a place of efficiency, of speed, organized rote behavior. The interaction is muted. It seems like a beginning, that the parties don’t have much of a history.

That’s the story. As for the symbols, Products here are distinctive: truck trailers, not shipping containers nor boxes. This is neither the factory nor the “last mile” to the buyer. This is a card of shipping, not production, of long-distance volume shipping not a few boxes to the Post Office. Is this a sign of your success, or of a new wrinkle adding to your cost and time?

Both as a story of new changes and as a card of things in transit, there is a strong metaphor for a lack of control. You are in a place where you can grow, but only if you can execute well and you trust the right people.

By posing scenarios where you must consider multiple factors for success, Business Class Tarot makes a complex and effective tool for understanding and planning. The updated Tarot settings and characters in modern corporate style are accessible and aspirational, while keeping the power dynamics and symbolic relationships intact. The images are immediate enough for gut feelings, and complex enough to go deep. Scan or study!

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How to Make a Mystical Object

At a dinner party, someone asked me how I could make a Tarot deck, since I don’t have magical powers. It is a fair question, especially for those unfamiliar with mystical culture. I didn’t have a good answer at the time, other than taking it seriously, but I gave it more thought so I would be ready next time.

Tarot cards began as games, but have been taken up for the last two centuries by mystical people, especially in English-speaking countries, as a mystical object.

What does that mean? Mystical people, very broadly, believe that certain practices let them discover or intuit hidden truth, even future events. Mystic beliefs are part of all religious traditions, but their emphasis varies. The practices range widely, as do the objects meant to assist them, and the hidden ranges from cosmic understanding to specific practical information.

It’s the practice that is important, not the device – though the device may be a helpful tool. This makes sense when you consider that a Tarot card deck is printed in a factory in runs of thousands. Intriguing it may be, but a grail it is not – it’s a multi-tool.

So, the question is not how to imbue an object with power, but to give those who can use their power a tool to deploy it. In that light, my work is humble and devotional. I am designing something for others to use, ideally others who can use it better than I can.

What makes a good mystical object? In my research and experience, I have found some rules.

A mystical object is a tool for the imagination. It works best when it speaks to a culture, either real or fictional, but known to its readers and internally consistent. I used my world’s symbols, its technology, its aspirations, and its global reach.

A mystical object is not haphazard. It has a number of elements but limits them and recombines them creatively.

A mystical object must have a sense of beauty and of work quality. It might be raw or florid, spare or detailed, but it should look like the artist cared about it. It should feel good in the hand. It’s easier to have confidence a well-made thing.

Finally, and this is a belief, it excites emotional and social intelligence. Tarot cards are not an instruction manual. They present situations, not specific information. Our team created the images with emotional states and messages, a context in themselves but also with cards in their suit, and other cards throughout the deck. Together their discussions are more interesting than alone. I’m not sure this element is common to all mystical objects, but since they tend to come from religious traditions, I’d wager there’s a connection!

To recap, mystical object draws mystical users when it is made with humility, with quality, with respect. It must entice the imagination to play, appeal to the senses, and engage mind and heart.

Business Class Tarot meets every one of those goals!

More to the point, these requirements aren’t so different from any other product, especially one that reimagines a known tool. You need to know your product’s use case, and make it a thing those users will trust and value.

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BCT & Traditional Tarot

If you’re new to Tarot cards, BUSINESS CLASS TAROT’s modern, intuitive imagery will get you far, right out of the box.

If you’ve used other Tarot decks, here are some examples comparing BCT & traditional Tarot.

Staff cards

The Staff come in four suits – Product, Brand, Data, & Money

Product is the source of your effort, what you make and ship.
Traditionally, the suit of Wands or Rods.
Product Ace (detail)
Brand is your reputation, the response to your work.
Traditionally, the suit of Cups.
Brand Ace (detail)
Data guides your actions, but it depends on the right questions.
Traditionally, the suit of Swords.
Data Ace (detail)
Money is the reward for your work, what sustains you and lets you grow.
Traditionally, Coins or Pentacles.
Money Ace (detail)

Management cards

Each suit has four Management cards: VP, Director, Manager, & Assistant.
Traditionally, these are court cards: King, Queen, Knight, & Page.


Known traditionally as the Major Arcana, the Executives represent forces that affect your life and career. Here are some Executives and their traditional counterparts:

00 InternThe Fool
Beginnings and inexperience.
00 Intern (detail)
04 CEOThe Emperor
Actual power, and the symbol of power.
04 CEO (detail)
06 The ExperienceThe Lovers
A disruptive, often threatening change.
06 The Experience (detail)
08 Crisis ManagementStrength
You are being tested. This is not a drill.
08 Crisis Management (detail)
13 ReorganizationDeath
An ending that leads to new beginnings.
13 Reorganization (detail)
18 Due DiligenceThe Moon
Hidden things you need to see.
18 Due Diligence (detail)
21 The MarketThe World
The largest scale, a beautiful but indifferent harmony.
21 The Market (detail)

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April 2019 – Decks on the Boat!

I have good news – the decks have left the factory and are on the boat!

I got word from the printer yesterday: “Your core game leaves Port tomorrow and is due to you within 4-5 weeks.” The deck is en route!

I am so excited, and so relieved too. I never thought it would take this long. There have been delays, and mistakes, but all parties have worked hard to fix them quickly. When it fell to me to make decisions in the name of quality over speed or cost, I felt this product required quality. I have shared the production samples with business and industry contacts, and all have admired the quality and feel — and I know you will love the result.

Still, it is a relief to know that the time you hold Business Class Tarot in your hands is now in sight.

To research shipping, one needs to know what to ship — so some recent activity in the office was pretty brutal, and one deck has taken the brunt of throws and kicks and 6-foot drops.

Shipping test 1
Shipping test 1

Our Kickstarter medium Woven Psyche has one production deck for her own study, while I guard the other in case we need pictures before they arrive. If you are around Washington DC, I will be at AwesomeCon on Friday and Saturday, April 26-27 2019, and at Kensington Day of the Book in Kensington, MD on Sunday April 28, 2019. I will be signing The Demon in Business Class and promoting Business Class Tarot! Best, Anthony

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March 2019 – Production samples!

Take a look at the full package!

I could not be more pleased with the results. The cards are beautifully printed, the guide booklet is well-made and feels good in the hand. The box feels solid and of good quality; the color accents pop out and the durable finish looks good after handling. It will stand up to your travels!

Now I just need 1000 more!

I have approved the printing and am waiting on shipping dates! Thanks Shuffled Ink for the tremendous job – thank you Kickstarter backers and early buyers for your support!