BCT & Traditional Tarot

If you’re new to Tarot cards, BUSINESS CLASS TAROT’s modern, intuitive imagery will get you far, right out of the box.

If you’ve used other Tarot decks, here are some examples comparing BCT & traditional Tarot.

Staff cards

The Staff come in four suits – Product, Brand, Data, & Money

Product is the source of your effort, what you make and ship.
Traditionally, the suit of Wands or Rods.
Product Ace (detail)
Brand is your reputation, the response to your work.
Traditionally, the suit of Cups.
Brand Ace (detail)
Data guides your actions, but it depends on the right questions.
Traditionally, the suit of Swords.
Data Ace (detail)
Money is the reward for your work, what sustains you and lets you grow.
Traditionally, Coins or Pentacles.
Money Ace (detail)

Management cards

Each suit has four Management cards: VP, Director, Manager, & Assistant.
Traditionally, these are court cards: King, Queen, Knight, & Page.


Known traditionally as the Major Arcana, the Executives represent forces that affect your life and career. Here are some Executives and their traditional counterparts:

00 InternThe Fool
Beginnings and inexperience.
00 Intern (detail)
04 CEOThe Emperor
Actual power, and the symbol of power.
04 CEO (detail)
06 The ExperienceThe Lovers
A disruptive, often threatening change.
06 The Experience (detail)
08 Crisis ManagementStrength
You are being tested. This is not a drill.
08 Crisis Management (detail)
13 ReorganizationDeath
An ending that leads to new beginnings.
13 Reorganization (detail)
18 Due DiligenceThe Moon
Hidden things you need to see.
18 Due Diligence (detail)
21 The MarketThe World
The largest scale, a beautiful but indifferent harmony.
21 The Market (detail)