How to Read a Tarot Card (Product 4)

This is Product 4. It’s a simple card: a well-run loading dock, two parties finding agreement.

In different contexts, however, different things stand out. It has a bland look, undecorated, even dreary, but clean and well run. The people dress professionally but not in a showy manner. This is a place of efficiency, of speed, organized rote behavior. The interaction is muted. It seems like a beginning, that the parties don’t have much of a history.

That’s the story. As for the symbols, Products here are distinctive: truck trailers, not shipping containers nor boxes. This is neither the factory nor the “last mile” to the buyer. This is a card of shipping, not production, of long-distance volume shipping not a few boxes to the Post Office. Is this a sign of your success, or of a new wrinkle adding to your cost and time?

Both as a story of new changes and as a card of things in transit, there is a strong metaphor for a lack of control. You are in a place where you can grow, but only if you can execute well and you trust the right people.

By posing scenarios where you must consider multiple factors for success, Business Class Tarot makes a complex and effective tool for understanding and planning. The updated Tarot settings and characters in modern corporate style are accessible and aspirational, while keeping the power dynamics and symbolic relationships intact. The images are immediate enough for gut feelings, and complex enough to go deep. Scan or study!